The Ladies' Ski Club

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Rules & Bye-Laws


Rules of the Ladies' Ski Club Limited ("the Club") made in accordance with Article 61 of the Articles of Association. These Rules are supplemental to the Articles of Association. In the event of any conflict between these Rules and the Articles of Association, the Articles of Association shall prevail.

1. The Election of Ordinary Members

Every Candidate for election as an Ordinary Member of the Club shall be proposed by one Member of the Club and seconded by another each having personal knowledge of the Candidate and her qualifications. The Board of Directors may dispense with a personal knowledge on the part of the Seconder by a unanimous vote of the Directors of the Board present where the Candidate is known to possess distinguished qualifications for membership.

2. Subscription

(a) Every Ordinary Member shall pay the current Annual Subscription as recommended by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the following AGM. New Members shall pay an entrance fee.

(b) The Annual Subscription shall be due and payable on November 1st by Direct Debit.

3. Cheques

All cheques shall be signed by either the Treasurer or the Secretary of the Club (but all cheques only require one signature).

4. Badges

The Club Badges are the property of the Club. A skier who has ceased to be a Member of the Club is not entitled to wear the Club Badge. A Member of the Club shall not give a Club Badge to a non-Member.

5. Social Functions

The Members of the Club shall, save in exceptional circumstances of which the Board of Directors shall be the judge, meet together once a year and at such other times as the Board of Directors may determine.

6. Organisation of Other Club Activities

The Board of Directors of the Club shall, at its discretion, assign specific Members particular responsibilities relating to other activities deemed worthwhile for the Club. Such activities might include matters such as organising fund-raising projects, races etc. A Member (or Members) given such a specified task shall, from time to time, report back to the Board on her progress.

7. Racing Administration

The Board of Directors of the Club may appoint Members as a committee (“the BSR Committee”), in accordance with Rule 6, to have overall responsibility for the organisation and administration of the Club’s British Schoolgirls’ Races (“the BSR”).

The BSR Committee will comprise the BSR Administrator (Chair), the Hon Treasurer of the Club (who will have responsibility for the BSR accounts), the Member who will be President of LSC Ltd at the time of the next BSR, the Snow Manager, and a person or persons to be agreed by the Board of Directors of the Club and by the BSR Administrator.

The BSR Administrator shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Club for a period of one year, which period may be renewed or extended by the Board of Directors of the Club.

The BSR Committee shall have control of all the funds relating to the BSR ("the BSR Funds"), which are to be dealt with separately from the main funds of the Club. Any surplus in the BSR Funds is to be carried over from year to year in a contingency fund held in a Club BSR bank account separate from the Club’s other bank account(s).

November 2005